Let’s make a change together!

Let's make a change together!


Andrea told us “I joined the project GIVE TO GAIN because I thought it would be a great opportunity to share with others, interact with other people from the European Union that are taking part of the same project but in other countries, through whatapp, mails, and facebook!

It s interesting because we gain a very good training, every volunteer gets a booklet with the description of the project and futher more we can add it in our curriculum”



Training meetings…

To be able to GIVE first you have to GAIN and learn lots of things, that s why we had some meetings where we could listen such interesting and useful ideas…

To start with…and that everyone could debate and enjoy the meeting Urška thought about cooking our traditional palačinke!

Holly did her best with an italian recipe and  Urška knew by hard one of the traditional slovenian dessert… it s a pitty we cannot share those delicatesse with you all!!!

Holly is cooking Tiramisu   2013-11-19 18.26.18

2013-11-19 19.52.42 2013-10-22 20.36.45

But after the session on cooking…we had a talk on virtues. This time was on generosity: reasons for giving yourself and you things to others. We discovered it s more difficult to give yourself than your things…anyways it was a good opportunity to share the different points of view of young girls from Slovenia.

 Last week we had a talk on charity and after the girls prepare an amazing dinner…


ROMANIA with Urška, Vane, and…!!!

ROMANIA with Urška, Vane, and...!!!

Befriending and environmental volunteering in Romunia

DSC00845 DSC00905  DSC00993 DSC01033

In july 2013, we embarked on a 10 days long trip which would completely alter our views of the world.

While our friends were vacationing at the beaches of Croatia, we were digging deep into the culture of Romania. It was perfect that Urska knew the language, at least to communicate with the  Romani Gypsies.

I am very thankful for the project G2G that helped us to gain this experiencie.

Most of all people with a passion for learning about the world and a desire to help those in need would have join this amazing opportunity in Romania.

In preparation for our trip we held some activities to help us to be prepared to make the most of Romania.

It is known the cultural diversity in Baia-Mare, and it was quite interesting to manage with people from different ethnic and socio-economic minority backgrounds. So we had a talk on communication skills even if we knew it was going to be hard because od the different languages…so it d helped us a lot in order to talk by using gestures!

Also we learned about the different ethnics and socio-economic minority backrounds!

As we spent 10 days in Romania, we had a lot of time to participate in many different opportunities to volunteer. Several times we were listening eldery people, also at the community centre we painted a common room for the gypsies.

After returning home and after having spend those days helping and giving my time for others, I feel good- happy!- but it is hard to explain it! I have realized that possessions are nowhere near as important as many intangible aspects of life. At many moments, I think about all the things that I have learned in only 10 days!

Reflecting on the trip, the experience was truly life-changing and I never would have anticipated that it would teach me so much.

visiting Madrid with Marija, Laura, Kristina, Moni, Urška, Tjaša,..

visiting Madrid with Marija, Laura, Kristina, Moni, Urška, Tjaša,.. 20131028_153519 20131028_101225        20131028_101554 20131027_155220

Urška went to Madrid and wrote us:

“On October the 27 th we started our trip to Madrid. We were exited to visit the capital city of Spain that many of us have never seen before. We had a short time to explore such a big city so we asked nice people we meet fot their recommendations. With their help we visited the Prado museum, enjoyed fresh air at the botanical garden and saw many cultural monuments and buildings. We did not forget to taste some of the typical spanish food- it is delicious!

The most memorable moments we spent in Madrid where at the house for homeless children. We helped childrem from immigrant families. We were suprised how good they were at maths and spanish language. We didn t have any problems with communication- almost all of them spoke english. We had a great time together and I hope they will remember us like we will all remember them!”


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